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Harley Digital Gauges


The first & only digital gauges for Harley-Davidson motorcycles using your Android.

Goodbye for Now


Super sad to have to announce that it looks like the adventure is over :-(

A very big sorry to anyone out there that was waiting on v3 to go to production as we hate to have to disappoint.

Haven't been able to get the final v3 adapter finalized for far too long now as my hardware/firmware guy wasn't able to deliver. It's been so long that we'd have to restart the Apple approval process now and probably would have to update the whole enchilada to conform to the latest protocol specs and that in of itself is a bit of a nail in the coffin... for now. Will keep an eye on things and if any opportunity ever presents itself to be able to resurrect this project we will certainly be very happy to give it another whirl.

Thanks to all our customers & industry partners and please don't worry about your existing investment(s). We will continue to operate our GaugeFace server and will also maintain the app going forward to try to ensure, as best possible, that we can keep your system up and running with your existing hardware adapters. Being a small part of the motorcycle industry has been a big thrill and the disappoint of not being able to continue on at this time is a huge disappointment.

For the future, you can use Android Auto for Your Android and iPhone with Sony XAV-AX5000. We will give you information about it as soon as possible.

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About Us

View real time engine & diagnostics data including speedometer, tachometer, engine temperature, indicator signals, current gear, AFR, MAP & much more! Read & clear DTCs. You can customize almost everything else on your bike... now customize your gauges too.