GaugeFace apps update

Blog 3 (Sept 24, 2013):

We are up to v2.8.0 now! Updated to support iOS 7 with a refreshed look & feel and have improved usability in some areas too. The underlying code base was significantly updated to be more contemporary with the intent of making it easier to maintain and enhance as we go forward.

Blog 2 (Dec 15, 2012):

We are now up to v2.6.0 of the GaugeFace app for iPhone, iPod touch & v2.6.0 of GaugeFace HD for iPad. This release has a few bug fixes and a fair amount of polish done on the user interface to help make things a little more consistent.

The main focus for this release was to expand on the Gauge Builder feature. You will find the app more powerful now as making GaugeFace customizations with "Live View" helps to make editing quite a bit easier. Adding your own Gauges and even your own completely custom GaugeFaces is now possible too!

Select "Edit" on the main Tools view to Create a new GaugeFace. With any GaugeFace selected, you can select the "Builder" button to see a detail view and then again select "Edit" to Add a new Gauge. On this same Gauge Builder view select Preview to see your GaugeFace running in Preview mode and again select "Edit" to enter the new Live View mode. When in the Live View mode you can double tap a Gauge to select it for editing and then touch and slide to move the gauge or resize it. When a gauge is in editing mode you can double tap it again to enter its detail view to enter various options.

It's still a fairly complex process to setup a gauge but I hope you play with it a little and figure out how it works. The new tools should make editing and creating GaugeFaces a lot easier than has been possible up to now. There is no other smartphone based tool on the market that does what GaugeFace does and with your continued input and support we look forward to being able to provided future innovations as the product naturally evolves over time.

Blog 1 (Oct 12, 2012):

GaugeFace v2.5.1 is now in the iTunes App Store!

This is just a maintenance release to help improve things on iOS 6 and iPhone 5!

To take advantage of the new iOS 6 style Share feature... just be sure to use the Settings app to login to Twitter and/or Facebook first. Also, if you have Instagram installed you can Share that way too. Share your logged rides as a Graph and/or as a Map!

v2.5.1 on the iPad version of the app, GaugeFace HD, now is fully in sync in terms of functionality as it's little bro! Gauge Builder, Data Logs and Sharing are all there now.