Goodbye for now

Super sad to have to announce that it looks like the adventure is over :-(

A very big sorry to anyone out there that was waiting on v3 to go to production as we hate to have to disappoint.

Haven't been able to get the final v3 adapter finalized for far too long now as my hardware/firmware guy wasn't able to deliver. It's been so long that we'd have to restart the Apple approval process now and probably would have to update the whole enchilada to conform to the latest protocol specs and that in of itself is a bit of a nail in the coffin... for now. Will keep an eye on things and if any opportunity ever presents itself to be able to resurrect this project we will certainly be very happy to give it another whirl.

On at J&P Cycles

On at J&P Cycles for a limited time...

The 1 Moto - PDX - 2014

The 1 Moto in Portland on Feb 7-9 was...

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★ Gauge Builder ★

Update 1 (Nov 8, 2013):

Note that a little more info is posted on the Gauge Graphics article.

Blog 1 (Mar 16, 2013):

This write-up is a work in progress. Thanks for your patience and for your help with making it complete.

With version 2.6.0 we finished off many of the todo's listed below. Check it out!

Version 1.6 introduced the Gauge Builder. Only one problem - it might be a little tricky to use without any instructions. Don't worry too much though as we will release future app updates to help make things easier.

Well... iiwii (it is what it is) but lucky you found this blog as we'll try and make life a little easier by explaining a few things...

Gauge Graphics

Update 1 (Nov 8, 2013):

Note that a little more info is also in the Builder blog article.

Blog 1 (Mar 8, 2011):

This is a "work in progress" at describing how GaugeFace graphics work. Eventually we intend to support allowing you to customize and/or create your own gauges and this is a heads-up on some of the info you might need to know about.

Main screen

The main app screen size is 480x300 or 320x460 depending on if you want to design graphics for a Landscape or Portrait orientation. A main screen background can be set with any RGB color or with a graphic image that should be png or jpg format at 72 DPI. If using a graphic image, note that it is treated as a "color pattern" This means that if you have an image that is smaller than the screen sizes previously mentioned that then the image will be used as a repeating pattern tile to fill the screen.

GaugeFace apps update

We are up to v2.8.0 now! Updated to support...

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Blog 2 - August 20, 2013:

Kind of a crappy vid but I hope you can kind-of get an idea of what the riding experience looks like.

Blog 1 - June 25, 2013:

Newer model Softail (2011+) and Dyna (2012+) models work with a new CAN based bus protocol that Harley calls HDLAN.

With this new protocol we had to discover/reverse-engineer how to handle the bus data in GaugeFace and we also needed to setup a new 6-pin data plug to facilitate communication. We have been able to figure out most of the core Gauge related data signals and found an issue... there was too much data for our hardware. So... we have devised what we call HDLAN Lite. This, simply stated, is our mechanism for dealing with a filtered data stream such that we can handle things in a reasonable manner.


Check out Techmount at

Super well made metal iPhone mount for your Harley in either chrome or black finish. Very easy to install and reasonably priced. Fully adjustable putting your iPhone right were it should be in a spot that helps avoid taking your eyes completely off the road.

Click more for additional info, photos and vid.


Love to hear about, see photos and videos of where people are using GaugeFace. It's particularly awesome when someone of the caliber as Roland Sands does so! Here is an updated video of their V-Rod build...

Motorcycle Storehouse B.V.

We are pleased to announce that Motorcycle Storehouse B.V. is distributing GaugeFace® in Europe and the United Kingdom!

Click to view their product page or to locate one of their dealers.


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