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RSD Bike Builder HD for iPad!

RSD Bike Builder HD is approved and made available in the iTunes App Store and now has...

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Blog 2: (Sept 18th, 2012)


GaugeFace was approved and updated to v2.5 on the iTunes App Store September 18th, 2012. This update has ...

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"Product that could replace the after-market dials and gauges..."


"Helps diagnose mechanical problems on Harley-Davidsons with an easy-to-read digital gauge..."

v2.0 Now Available in the iTunes App Store

GaugeFace version 2.0 was just approved into the App Store!

Here's the link...

Hope you enjoy the updates. This release represents a big milestone for us as we can now run in "diagnostics" mode to display some new things. Being able to do this required a re-write of the core processing code in the app and so it was a pretty major overhaul. We are really happy with the resulting improved code base though and we think we'll get a lot out of this to do even more cool stuff going forward now.

What's New in Version 2.0:

➤ Initial support for diagnostics mode! Displays AFR (air fuel ratio) and MAP (manifold absolute pressure). Work to expand support for more diagnostic types of data is on-going so keep an eye on future developments. Display TPS now as well!

iPod Music Controls

Demo of new v2.0 version of GaugeFace app that now supports Music Controls.

Once enabled on the GaugeFace Settings view, you can then double-tap on the main GaugeFace or Preview views to play or pause music from your active playlist. Swipe left or right to skip to the next or previous song. Pan right or left to increase or decrease the volume.

No visual feedback is presented with these controls and as such there is no reason to look down at your screen to use these new features.

GPS Mode

New to GaugeFace v2.0 is GPS Mode.

For some coughing up the dough for the hardware adapter just isn't in the cards. For others, being able to have a nice iPhone based speedo would be cool for their non-Harley, bicycle or other automotive.

Select to start GPS Mode and your speedo is calculated from your GPS location.

Tach and Gear are simulated just for fun ;-)

Simons Justification

Mr. Simon White from London rides a 2011 Sportster 48. He has his GaugeFace setup with a Portrait orientation and, as we currently don't have a lot to choose from for this kind of orientation, he had to do some customizations. Simon was nice enough to post instructions on the Facebook page on how to change the "Justified" GaugeFace from Landscape to Portrait. The instructions are reposted here for others to benefit from.

Thanks Simon!

If anyone is looking for a great "Face" in portrait mode try this using the Justified theme. The following steps may look scary but should take just 5-10 minutes to do.


Blog 2 (April 2, 2013):
When running GaugeFace in normal mode everything seems to work except for Gear indicator. Nothing works when running in Diagnostics mode. ThunderMax guys are looking to see what, if anything can be done and we will post status updates as they become available.

Blog 1 (May 2, 2012):
The guys at ThunderMax EFI have some new firmware to support GaugeFace for your Harley-Davidson. Email us at or ThunderMax at for more info.

Interested in running with S&S VFI?

Interested in running GaugeFace on your S&S VFI... so are a few others! It's a good news, bad news, good news story as of now.

Good news - some things just work :-) Bad news - some things don't work :-( Good news - we are interested in seeing that this kind of setup works great too. As soon as we have more info to share we'll let you know.

Be sure to let us know if you have an S&S!!!

Check out S&S here...


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