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Road Iron Magazine

Road Iron Magazine has a full 2 page review on GaugeFace in their February issue! Hope you check it out and, if you aren't already a subscriber, pick up an issue.

"Information when you need it. A cool little gadget for your iPhone."

Thanks very much to Danny DiNardo at Peak Performance Motorcycles for doing the write-up.

RSD GaugeFace App!

I am super excited to let you know that Roland Sands and Logicopolis collaborated to put out a new app for RSD. Roland and his very talented crew put together some pretty awesome looking gauge cluster graphics and really pushed us to get some new features implemented in order to achieve the look he was after.

New v1.6.2 app is out!

Thanks to the Apple d00ds... GaugeFace® v1.6.2 was approved and made available on December 7, 2011!

What's New in Version 1.6.2?
✔  Trip Odometer with tire circumference calculator.
✔  Preferred Orientation lock in Settings.
✔  Ability to Reset your modifications back to their defaults and easily Show/Hide gauges in the Builder.
✔  Many new Gauge options needed to support the new RSD app!
✔  Various other minor changes and bug fixes.

Hope you like the updates. Some of the gauge background images were updated to look better on iPhone 4 with Retina Display support. Feel free to delete and re-install your favourites.

With this release a new Trip Odometer capability was added (along with its supporting Tire Circumference calculator) that I'm hoping you'll agree is super nice to have.

American Iron - January 2012 Issue

Just picked up a copy of American Iron (Jan 2012) and see a GaugeFace product review on page 93. So cool! Thanks AIMag dudes... you rock and and your mag is great!

1.6 update approved in the App Store

Version 1.6 of the app was just approved into the App Store!

We changed how Fuel Level readings are parsed so please us know if this helps or not with your ride. Sportsters lack a fuel level apparatus in their gas tank and so they are not supported. V-Rod's are also are not yet supported (we don't have one to test with yet).

Also in 1.6, you will find the beginning of a new Gauge Builder feature. With the Builder you will now have the ability to start customizing gauges. We will be working on adding more options, help and capabilities to the Builder in future releases.

American Iron - September Issue

Check out the September issue of American Iron and let us know what you think of the Ad!

American Iron Magazine

We put a 1/2 page ad in the August 2011 issue of American Iron Magazine to help get word out about GaugeFace.

Hoping more people find out about the app and hardware adapter.

Amazingly... some Harley's have plenty of gauges while others do not! For the latter case, where you have an iPhone or iPod touch, GaugeFace will make a lot of sense as a Tachometer or Fuel Gauge for your Harley-Davidson is really nice to have. The big Signal Indicators and Gear Indicator are awesome for those of us that might be a little forgetful at times!

Even for baggers with plenty of gauges, running your iPhone or iPod touch and charging it will be of value. Having additional gauge information like a programmable Shift Light, Altimeter and Compass is great too so give it a try.

Diagnostic Trouble Codes

Diagnostic Trouble Codes (DTCs) are captured/stored by your Harley's ECU when a problem occurs so that a tech can diagnose and hopefully fix the problem later on. GaugeFace lets you...

Luca's Speedmaster

Found a great 3D graphic of an Omega Speedmaster that Luca Cugia from Italy did using Blender. He sent me a derived rendering to use as a GaugeFace and it worked out pretty well I'd say.

Thanks Luca! Checkout his other work on Pinko3D. Now available as a free install in the GaugeFace app.

App version 1.5 approved!

Version 1.5 of the GaugeFace app was recently approved May 23rd, 2011 and made available in the iTunes App Store shortly thereafter. Please fire up the App Store app on your iPhone or iPod touch and update to the new version.

You may have noticed the updated "Skully" Logo and Icon images on the Web site to coincide with this release... hope you like the new look. There are some nice new features in this update (Check engine, fuel level, shift light, battery voltage, VIN & DTCs) that I hope you like! More info can be found on the new Features page at

The Evil Stanley, Fat Stan, Alien & Mil Spec GaugeFaces were updated to include some new v1.5 features. If you installed these prior to v1.5 - delete/re-install to see the updates. If I missed updating your favourite GaugeFace... just let me know and I'll fix it up too.


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