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Engadget carried a story about us!

Ready to Ride!

GaugeFace™ is now ready to ship. Talk to your Harley-Davidson dealer and get their parts desk to contact us.

Almost there...

Availability should be in January as expected!

Just waiting for iPod cables to be completed and we expect to ship in another week or two.

App and hardware review at Apple

No good way for Apple to verify GaugeFace worked without connecting to a Harley. So... flew down to San Francisco for the day and rented a bike which I then rode to Cupertino. Great to meet some Apple people and in the end it was apparently all thumbs up.
Hope to get the official blessing soon and have GaugeFace Adapters ready to sell before end of January. Crossing fingers!

** Nice ride owned by an Apple employee.

Eastside Harley - Bellevue, WA

You'll find Eastside Harley-Davidson of Bellevue just outside of Seattle, WA. Busy place with a lot of great looking bikes.

The Parts Manager over there (Sebastian) was nice enough to take some time to let me introduce GaugeFace to him. If you think you want to pick up a hardware adapter, and are from the Seattle area, let Sebastian know!

Trev Deeley Motorcycles - Vancouver, BC

Showed GaugeFace to some of the parts guys at Trev Deeley Motorcycles. You'll have to ask them but I think they liked it. Awesome store over there if you are in the hood!

Teaser Video


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