Blog 2 - August 20, 2013:

Kind of a crappy vid but I hope you can kind-of get an idea of what the riding experience looks like.

Blog 1 - June 25, 2013:

Newer model Softail (2011+) and Dyna (2012+) models work with a new CAN based bus protocol that Harley calls HDLAN.

With this new protocol we had to discover/reverse-engineer how to handle the bus data in GaugeFace and we also needed to setup a new 6-pin data plug to facilitate communication. We have been able to figure out most of the core Gauge related data signals and found an issue... there was too much data for our hardware. So... we have devised what we call HDLAN Lite. This, simply stated, is our mechanism for dealing with a filtered data stream such that we can handle things in a reasonable manner.

HDLAN Lite is being introduced with version 2.7.0 of the GaugeFace app and we currently support Speedo, Tach, Gear, Engine Temp & MIL signals. We should be able to implement ODO and Oil warning signals in a future update. While this is decent we know that not having Turn Signal, Neutral & Fuel Level/Low indicators may be a bummer.

Let us know if you are interested by emailing us at info@gaugeface.com as GaugeFace hardware adapters that support HDLAN model/year bikes are being made available on a limited release basis.

What about Check/Clear DTCs and Diagnostics (AFR, MAP) support? Hope to be able to add those capabilities in future releases but no promises on anything here just yet.

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