Install & Run

Installation is easy

Always be sure to do a mock installation and trial run to ensure satisfaction before committing to any aftermarket installs ;-)

  1. Plug into your Harley-Davidson motorcycles data (diagnostics) port.
  2. Tuck the GaugeFace® Hardware Adapter under your seat or secure it elsewhere. Run the iPod cable up to your handlebars and make sure not to run it on the same side as your spark plugs. Use zap straps to ensure the iPod cable is secured.
  3. Use a mount of your liking (not included) to hold your iPod touch or iPhone and plug the GaugeFace® iPod connector in.

Run in a snap

  1. Install the GaugeFace® app and/or RSD Bike Builder from the App Store.
  2. Click the Tools (a.k.a "Setup") icon at the bottom right corner of the main view and then Find and Install a set of gauges.
  3. Go back to the main screen and start your bike.

Optional - Enable Music Controls

From the Tools | Settings view you can select to enable Music Controls. Once enabled double tap on any GaugeFace view to pause or play music, swipe left or right to move forward or backward through your playlist and touch drag left or right to control the volume. There are no visual indicators on purpose as you have no reason to look at your screen for these controls to work. If you don't hear any music after enabling the controls, check the normal Music app to see if music plays and then try again.

Optional - Configure the Battery Indicator

You might be fine with the defaults... But if you have access to a voltmeter you can change the battery Voltage Calibration setting to more closely match up with your bikes setup.

Optional - Setup the Shift Indicator

Some downloadable GaugeFaces come with Shift Light support. To enable a Shift Light go into Settings and set the RPM value at which this indicator will be displayed.