Disclaimer & Warranty


Warning: Motorcycles can be dangerous. We expect the user of GaugeFace® to exercise good judgment as to proper installation and use. We assume no responsibility for damage or injury or loss of any kind.

This product is intended to augment your original equipment manufacturer (OEM) gauges. Where any discrepancy between your OEM gauge and the GaugeFace® display exists, your OEM gauge should be considered correct.

It is generally considered an offence to use a hand held mobile telephone while driving a vehicle. If your vehicle is not fitted with a hands free connection, you cannot legally use the telephone while driving or while waiting at an intersection.

Your agreement to these terms and conditions of use is indicated through the continued use of this product.

Limited Warranty

Logicopolis' warranty obligations are limited to the terms set forth below.

Logicopolis Technology Inc. ("Logicopolis") warrants this product against defects in material and workmanship for the period of one (1) year. The warranty period begins with the date of original retail purchase.

This limited warranty is made only to the original end user purchaser ("you") of the product and does not extend to any subsequent purchasers or owners of the product. The "original end user" is the first user to put the product into service in any fashion.

If you discover a defect, Logicopolis will, at its option, repair or replace this product with a new or reconditioned product at no charge to you, provided you return it during the warranty period, with transportation charges prepaid, to Logicopolis. Please attach your name, address, telephone number, and a copy of the bill of sale as proof of date of original retail purchase, as well as a detailed description of the problem for which service is requested. Prior to returning the product, you must obtain from Logicopolis a Return Merchandise Authorization Number (RMA#). You are responsible for packing the product to be returned. If the repairs are covered by the Limited Warranty and if the product was properly shipped to Logicopolis, Logicopolis will pay the return shipping charges. This warranty applies only to the GaugeFace Hardware Adapter product manufactured by Logicopolis that can be identified by the "GaugeFace" trademark, trade name, or logo affixed to them. This warranty does not cover damaged resulting from accident, misuse, abuse, or neglect and/or damage during any type of transportation resulting from improper packaging; damage to any product which has been altered in any fashion, including damage resulting from causes other than product defects, including and not by way of limitation, lack of technical skill, competence, or experience of the user, and/or failure to use the product in accordance with the instructions provided on the gaugeface.com Web site; and service performance by an unauthorized person or entity. Any implied warranties including fitness for use and merchantability are limited in during to the period of the expressed warranty set forth above. The remedies provided under this warranty are exclusive and in lieu of all others. Logicopolis hereby expressly disclaims liability and shall not be responsible for incidental, consequential and contingent damages or any kind or nature, including, without limitation: damages to persons or property, whether a claim for such damages is based upon warranty, contract, tort or otherwise; damages to persons or property, whether a claim for such damages is based upon warranty, contract, tort or otherwise; damages due to or arising out of the loss of date; or lost of profits. Logicopolis shall not be responsible for any damages caused by the presence of error or omission in any of its manuals, instructions or related materials.