Firmware Update 1.0.2

If you purchased and used GaugeFace before the start of March 2011 you will notice something new when you start the app on your iPhone or iPod touch.

We have posted firmware update (v1.0.2) and the app will help you install it. Just follow the on screen direction, connect up to your Harley and turn on the ignition switch to power the bike. You do not need to have your bike in a completed running state however.

Once connected, the app will install the new firmware and this process generally takes 30 to 45 seconds. At the end of the install process the hardware will re-connect and that is all there is to it.

What is this update for? We updated the firmware to help the GaugeFace hardware adapter maintain a more reliable communication line with an iPhone or iPod touch. With the previous firmware, the potential for a system disconnection was found with older iPhone 3G devices that use iOS 4.2.

Older devices running iOS 3.1 should refrain from installing this update and should instead update to the latest iOS (4.2) first and then go through the firmware update process.

Best Regards & Happy Riding,

p.s. GaugeFace hardware adapters shipped from March onwards have 1.0.2 (or newer by the time you read this note) already installed.