American Iron Magazine

We put a 1/2 page ad in the August 2011 issue of American Iron Magazine to help get word out about GaugeFace.

Hoping more people find out about the app and hardware adapter.

Amazingly... some Harley's have plenty of gauges while others do not! For the latter case, where you have an iPhone or iPod touch, GaugeFace will make a lot of sense as a Tachometer or Fuel Gauge for your Harley-Davidson is really nice to have. The big Signal Indicators and Gear Indicator are awesome for those of us that might be a little forgetful at times!

Even for baggers with plenty of gauges, running your iPhone or iPod touch and charging it will be of value. Having additional gauge information like a programmable Shift Light, Altimeter and Compass is great too so give it a try.