Diagnostics & Performance Data

Blog 2: (Sept 18th, 2012)


GaugeFace was approved and updated to v2.5 on the iTunes App Store September 18th, 2012. This update has a bunch of sweet new features for you! Get the free upgrade now!

Most of the effort for this release went into the new Data Log logging & graphing features that also expose some great Sharing capabilities. The new capabilities are pretty cool and it's hard to know where to start...

We now can also display the Low Fuel Warning indicator and I'm sure this will be great for you Sportster and V-Rod riders that otherwise have no idea on the fuel level in GaugeFace. If you already had GaugeFace installed, then to see the Low Fuel indicator just re-download each GaugeFace skin.

On the main screen you will see a new Graph looking icon that takes you to a new Data Logs view. GaugeFace now automatically logs your rides with a snapshot of bike & GPS data at almost 3 times per second. The kind of ride data recorded is based on the currently selected GaugeFace as being normal type (simple Speed, Tach, Engine Temp & Gear) or diagnostics type (AFR, MAP, Injector Pulse Width, Ignition Timing, TPS, etc., etc.)

The new Data Logs view will display up to 5 of these logs in a Rolling Logs section with the oldest being auto-deleted to make room for each new log. You can view a graph to help show details on each log and also elect to change the graph column(s) shown and/or select to export the log to tab delimited CSV in an email or Share the graph. From a detail view you can select the Action button to Save a Data Log and by doing so avoid the auto-delete function that applies to Rolling Logs.


Ooops... display should say "appr. 180/min.". Fixed in v2.5.1!

This update makes iOS 5.1 a new minimum requirement and this change was needed as we wanted to support the new iOS 6 and iPhone 5 device with the wider Retina 4 display. iOS 6 is a completely awesome update! With it you get a great Sharing capability with both Facebook and Twitter integration as well as being able to copy the graph image to your clipboard, send it to an AirPlay enabled printer or via an email. To see the Facebook and Twitter integration, be sure to update to iOS 6 ASAP and then go the standard iOS Settings app and ensure that you have enabled Twitter and Facebook and have logged in.

You can choose which data columns to show in a graph and also choose to view your ride on a Map view along with an indication of the max value from the data chosen on your graphs 1st column. From a Map, you can select to see it with Standard, Satellite or Hybrid view options and again Share it too. To see a "distance" just be sure to setup your Wheel Circumference first under the GaugeFace | Tools | Trip Odometer option.

The CSV file export may be useful to you using 3rd party tools such as the MegaLogViewer HD from EFI Analytics.

No matter what we provide in the app... there are those that will want more. If you don't find exporting to tab delimited CSV to your liking you can grab and overwrite the entire Data Log database too. Be warned though as improperly over-writing the database may adversely affect the stability of the app.

We use a SQLite database and you can get direct access to it by copying it from the iTunes app on your desktop. To access a SQLite database please refer to the SQLite Website as we do not directly support your being able to do these kinds of things.

If you mess your database up you can over-write it with this empty one. If you want to check out what some logged data looks like in your app, but maybe don't have a GaugeFace adapter to try it for yourself, you can over-write your datalog.db file with this sample one. Just remember to kill and restart the app so that you can see the updated database.

As always, you our customer helps to drive our innovations. We are looking forward to your valuable feedback!

Blog 1: (June 6th, 2012)

If being able to see things like AFR, MAP, TPS, Injector Pulse Width, BLM & Spark Advance being seen from your Harley-Davidson motorcycle are of interest to you... rest assured they are coming to GaugeFace!

Here is a demo of our new capability (in v2.0 of the app) to display AFR and MAP. For the v2.0 release we also show TPS instead of Compass Heading as shown in this demo.

See if you can find the early view of the R&D work-in-progress on the Facebook page and add a comment to let us know you are interested in this development!

Ride Safe!