Roland Sands - RSD Bike Builder app

Blog 3 (Dec 15, 2012):

We are now up to v2.2.0 of the RSD Bike Builder app for iPhone and iPod touch. This release has a few bug fixes and a fair amount of polish done on the user interface to help make things a little more consistent.

The main focus for this release was to expand on the Gauge Builder feature. For more info check out the GaugeFace Apps blog entry

Blog 2 (Oct 12, 2012):

RSD Bike Builder v2.1 was just approved in the iTunes App Store and now has support for iOS 6 and iPhone 5! We have also included full GaugeFace capabilities in this release and so you will find that GaugeFace "skins" are now customizable. Data Log and new iOS 6 style sharing capabilities are now present too. Enjoy!

To take advantage of the new iOS 6 style Share feature... just be sure to use the Settings app to login to Twitter and/or Facebook first. Also, if you have Instagram installed you can Share that way too. Share your dream ride from the Bike Builder, share your logged rides as a Graph from the Tools > Logs view and share your logged rides as a Map from Tools > Logs > View Map!

Blog 1 (July 11, 2012):

RSDBikeBuilder v2.0 was just accepted in the iTunes App Store!

Sportster in your pocket... check the app out and try the new Bike Builder Pro! You can build up the bike of your dreams and see it take shape right in front of your eyes. We implemented some tasty physics to make the app more interesting and added some sound effects too. You can even try doing a burnout and it won't shred your tires!

The Music Controls feature has been enhanced with a Play/Pause icon that is visible in the top right corner of the main screen when in Landscape mode. Also, if you don't have a playlist selected your entire iTunes music library now gets auto-magically queued up in random order.

Let us know what you think!