RSD GaugeFace App!

I am super excited to let you know that Roland Sands and Logicopolis collaborated to put out a new app for RSD. Roland and his very talented crew put together some pretty awesome looking gauge cluster graphics and really pushed us to get some new features implemented in order to achieve the look he was after.

The RSD app was introduced as v1.0.6 as a free download in the iTunes App Store on December 7, 2011. Apart from standard GaugeFace® functionality... rev 1 of the app also gives quick access to the RSD Web site as well as to a selection of some amazing photos that must be seen on an iPhone 4 to be fully appreciated. Roland Sands Design and Logicopolis will continue to work over the winter to develop some cool new RSD app features and I'll very much look forward to your feedback and app reviews in the meantime.

Best Regards,
Sven - GaugeFace