RSD Bike Builder HD for iPad!

Blog 4 (Dec 15, 2012):

We are now up to v2.2.0 of the RSD Bike Builder HD app for iPad. This release has a few bug fixes and a fair amount of polish done on the user interface to help make things a little more consistent.

The main focus for this release was to expand on the Gauge Builder feature. For more info check out the GaugeFace Apps blog entry

Blog 3 (Dec 14, 2012):

RSD put together a video tutorial for the app.
Take a look...

Blog 2 (Oct 22, 2012):

RSD Bike Builder HD v2.1 was approved in the iTunes App Store and now has support for iOS 6 and full GaugeFace capabilities. In this release and you will find a couple of GaugeFace "skins" to try out along with the Data Log feature and new iOS 6 style sharing capabilities.

Blog 1 (July 11, 2012):

Just released RSD HD v1.0! This beast is just for iPad and really shines on an iPad 2 or newer iPad.

Similar to the RSD app for iPhone, you get an awesome looking gallery with quick access to the RSD Website and the integrated Music Controls feature.

Use the Bike Builder Pro feature to build the bike of your dreams using Roland Sands parts! Tasty physics and sound effects to simulate the real thing. Fire up your ride for a burnout session that won't shred your tires to bits!

When you are ready, view your builds parts list and dive into a shopping cart to buy your gear online.

Depending on your feedback... we intend to expand on customization options, the RSD parts that are available and will look at supporting other bike models too.

Looking forward to hearing what you think!