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2002 HD Heritage Classic FLSTCI - Missing Readings

Mr. C.S. wrote...

Got Tach, Speedometer, Batt volts and Engine Temp but no Gear, Fuel or Turn sig in Normal mode. Reads VIN fine.

When in the Diagnostics mode I can see MAP, TPS, Intake temp, Batt E, Idle RPM, front & rear Pulse width and Spark advance but no AFR.


JCB wrote: Setup on an '02 Road King and the only thing that works is engine temp and tach. No gas gauge, turn signals or speedometer.


E-Glide (FLHTI) 2004

Your gaugeface works just fine except for the gear indicator.
Customer: Mr. P. S.


Oily's 2004 Fatboy... carbureted

fatboy '04

2004 Fatboy... carbureted!

Had the opportunity to try connecting up with an '04 Fatboy (Softail) that is carbureted. Although we officially don't support carb'd models... turns out that many GaugeFace functions work.

In normal mode Turn Signals, Engine Warning light & Tachometer worked and I suspect Speedometer works as well. It appeared that Fuel Level, Engine Temp & Gear Indicator did not work however.


2007 FLHTCUI Ultra Classic Electra Glide

Connected and gauge data seems to come through just fine.


2010 Sportster Iron

Used since March 2010 as main R&D bike. Everything works fine here but just be sure not to route iPod cable close to spark plugs otherwise system locks ups. Instead route wiring on right side under tank.


2011 Fatboy Low

Unable to link up to bike as new Softail's have a different (HDLAN bigger) data plug. Will have to start work on enabling the new system after Q1 or Q2 of the new year (2012) once things are up and running.


2011 FLHTLN (Ultra) (Delphi)

Zap strapped wiring to under side left of gas tank to try and replicate plug wire issues. No problems unless I zap strapped cable directly to plug wire.

Routed wires around coil area to see if same problem existed. Same situation... frozen after first few feet of ride.

Routed under seat near battery no issues.

As long as you don't route wiring near plug wires and coil all is good.


2006 Sportster (Carbureted)

Tried a non-EFI (Electronic Fuel Injected) sporty to see what would happen. All seems functional except no Neutral Light indicator and no Engine Temp data came through.

No issues otherwise on test ride.

** NOTE: Even though the device mostly worked here that a carb'd setup is not supported. On a 2002 Harley FXDX, for example, none of the standard signals came through.


2010 Fatboy Low

Ride was good. Cable routed under seat and down right side of bike.

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