Blog 2 - July 17, 2013:

Just went for a ride a took some new pix.

These are with a new Techmount that works with Rokform cases. Very clean setup with very little left on the bike when your iPhone isn't there...

Blog 1 - May 6, 2013:

Check out Techmount at

Super well made metal iPhone mount for your Harley in either chrome or black finish. Very easy to install and reasonably priced. Fully adjustable putting your iPhone right were it should be in a spot that helps avoid taking your eyes completely off the road.

Shown here with a waterproof case and holder from Lifeproof with an iPhone 5. !!! Note: (May 11, 2014) We recently found out that the cabled Lightning to 30-pin adapter from Apple no longer works with the GaugeFace adapter. Use only the cheaper square (non-cabled) Lightning Adapter !!!