Blog 2 (April 2, 2013):
When running GaugeFace in normal mode everything seems to work except for Gear indicator. Nothing works when running in Diagnostics mode. ThunderMax guys are looking to see what, if anything can be done and we will post status updates as they become available.

Blog 1 (May 2, 2012):
The guys at ThunderMax EFI have some new firmware to support GaugeFace for your Harley-Davidson. Email us at or ThunderMax at for more info.

Using a y-splitter adapter cable to be able to connect your ThunderMax EFI system simultaneously with GaugeFace has been desired by some customers for a while now. Although we don't yet have a system of theirs to try out... luckily the ThunderMax people have one of ours!

For the splitter cable you can use HD p/n: 70264-94A or this 309-343 part from ThunderMax.