As found on the iTunes App Store:

Stephan Ashe - Great App [Version 2.0.1] - United States

21st Jul 2012

Great stuff! Engine temp and tach!

Streetbobber - 06 Dyna [Version 1.6.2] - United States

19th Apr 2012

Having a American bike in mph I like the app as it converts to kph. Also having a six speed with the old speedo does not show what gear I am In. The app takes care of that. But the main reason was for the engine temp display so dollar for dollar the app and hardware is the best route.

Firefire11 - Jazz [Version 1.6.2] - United Arab Emirates

19th Apr 2012

Great app guys it works fantastic on Sportster

Temlouka - 100% delivered. [Version 1.6.2] - France

11th Feb 2012

All functionalities are there, stable and delivered...

Donald Shupp - Best $250 HD investment you can buy. [Version 1.6.2] - USA

6th Jan 2012

Charges iPhone 4, huge variety of displays, including some that use the camera. Supports multi-app, too. So all my Bluetooth helmet stuff works with it.

041418062 - Wow [Version 1.5.1] - Canada

22th Jul 2011

Installed this on my Fatboy Lo 2010. Great product. Just awesome! Can't wait for updates to app.

BobBlomme - Awesome app Awesome support [Version 1.5.0] - Canada

29th Jun 2011

This app meets and exceeds all my expectation but what is better was the service I received from Sven when I mistakenly plugged the cable into the wrong port. With his personal help we Fixed the problem and got the app working correctly. Thanks Sven!

WalrusJ - Great Alternative to expensive H-D Gauges [Version 1.3.0] - United States

17th Mar 2011

Great App and an excellent alternative to H-D gauges that cost sooo much. Includes gauges (depending on chosen face) for speed, RPM, turn signals, gear, engine temp. Developer is really good about upgrading and adding features. Is adding new faces on a regular basis.

Install is a piece of cake for anyone. Great demos about how to install on website, too.

Can't wait to see what new faces will come out.

If there is any down side, it would be that the iPod Touch/iPhone screen could be a bit bigger to support larger gauges, but the current size is still better than other tachometer options available for my H-D.

Temlouka - Excellent idea [Version 1.3.0] - France

16th Mar 2011

Here is an easy way to add to your Harley bike what you always wanted to have: temp, rpm, heading... I just hope the Iphone4 will stand the HD vibrations. Sven, just keep working on clusters, why not one that puts big numbers for RPM and Gear number.

Errol Minihan - Working Great [Version 1.3.0] - United Kingdom

6th Mar 2011

Working perfectly, Sven the developer has been great, interface cable delivered to UK on time and all working as described, great product, fully working, cant wait for the software gauges to expand on the iphone, thanks for a great product Sven.

Hugo Rocha - Great apps [Version 1.1.0] - Switzerland

19th Feb 2011

Tested on a Fatbob ... works fine ... I look forward to updates with new features.

Ty Huffman - Cool! [Version 1.1.0] - United States

17th Feb 2011

Seeing this app makes me want to get a harley.