New v1.6.2 app is out!

Thanks to the Apple d00ds... GaugeFace® v1.6.2 was approved and made available on December 7, 2011!

What's New in Version 1.6.2?
✔  Trip Odometer with tire circumference calculator.
✔  Preferred Orientation lock in Settings.
✔  Ability to Reset your modifications back to their defaults and easily Show/Hide gauges in the Builder.
✔  Many new Gauge options needed to support the new RSD app!
✔  Various other minor changes and bug fixes.

Hope you like the updates. Some of the gauge background images were updated to look better on iPhone 4 with Retina Display support. Feel free to delete and re-install your favourites.

With this release a new Trip Odometer capability was added (along with its supporting Tire Circumference calculator) that I'm hoping you'll agree is super nice to have.

We added a lot of capabilities to the Gauge Builder feature and so we are almost feature complete now with just a few more things remaining off the original the to-do list.

ToDo list items that are now being considered for a future release include:

  • Image picker. Not all images are yet settable but they sure need to be.
  • Gauge order. Being able to change the z-order would be a good idea.
  • Integrated instructions and/or help.