v2.0 Now Available in the iTunes App Store

GaugeFace version 2.0 was just approved into the App Store!

Here's the link... http://itunes.apple.com/us/app/gaugeface/id369801528?mt=8

Hope you enjoy the updates. This release represents a big milestone for us as we can now run in "diagnostics" mode to display some new things. Being able to do this required a re-write of the core processing code in the app and so it was a pretty major overhaul. We are really happy with the resulting improved code base though and we think we'll get a lot out of this to do even more cool stuff going forward now.

What's New in Version 2.0:

➤ Initial support for diagnostics mode! Displays AFR (air fuel ratio) and MAP (manifold absolute pressure). Work to expand support for more diagnostic types of data is on-going so keep an eye on future developments. Display TPS now as well!

➤ Music controls! Must first be enabled in Settings view. Double tap to play & pause music from your active playlist. Swipe left or right to skip to next or previous song. Touch and drag right or left to increase or decrease volume level. Works from active GaugeFace in both the main and Preview views.

➤ GPS Mode. Displays speedo values based on your GPS location. Tach and Gear numbers are simulated just for fun!